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New C8 fluorocarbon technology free oil repellent coating


Nano-Care Deutschland, a leading specialist in the production of ready-to-use high-tech coatings and their precursors, has developed a new Nanoflex F-Bond coating system for water and oil repellency.

“Removal of C8 fluorocarbon technology, which will be banned due to its emissions of PFOS and PFOA, leaves a significant performance gap in the market,” said Oliver Sonntag, Nano-Care Director. “The great challenge for us has been to retain existing high standards of oil repellency – whilst eliminating long-chain fluorination. We have solved this problem by creating a special silicon dioxide backbone.”

The Nanoflex F-Bond, marketed under the umbrella brand Intelligent Hybrids, is based on liquid concentrates and is applied using common industrial dipping methods. For many years, there has been strong pressure for innovation in the textile finishing sector to meet increasing regulation and ecological demands.


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