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New functional fabrics against dust mites

Mites of different sizes on a textile
Mites of different sizes on a textile

Permethrin is a widely-used substance for treating textiles against mites. However, the neurotoxin may also cause undesirable side effects, such as headaches or deafness, in humans.

The William-Küster-Institute for Hygiene, Environment and Medicine at the Hohenstein Institute has now tested a new product made by Proneem France, which contains alternative active ingredients but proved highly effective against mites. In a test in accordance with NF G39-011, Proneem finish by Proneem France was able to inhibit the growth of a mite population by over 90% and was therefore awarded the Hohenstein quality label Effective against Dust Mites.

“This shows that the Hohenstein test for effectiveness against dust mites in accordance with standard NF G39-011 is also suitable for alternative, permethrin-free finishing treatments and offers textile manufacturers a way of developing optimised bedding and home textiles that will reduce the symptoms of house dust allergy-sufferers,” the Institute explains.


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