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New revolutionary technology for moisture management in textiles

Moisture Management in Textiles
Moisture Management in Textiles

Five textile industry leaders have joined forces to launch HYDRO_BOT, a new technology for moisture management, designed to solve one of the biggest challenges in sports, work and protective clothing: transportation of moisture to match human sweat rates in various climates, conditions and activity levels.

The idea behind the HYDRO_BOT belongs to Osmotex, a Swiss-Norwegian start-up dedicated to developing solutions for electro osmosis for moisture management.

“HYDRO_BOT is the result of ten years of intense research and development in Switzerland. Over the past two years, the development has reached a new level with four strategic partners involved in the development effort. We are confident that HYDRO_BOT will represent a generational advancement in moisture management,” said Trond Heldal, Director of R&D and Operations at Osmotex and the lead researcher.


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