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New solution for durable water repelling textile coatings


Nano-Care Deutschland, a leading specialist in the production of ready-to-use high-tech coatings, based in Saarwellingen, has developed Intelligent Hybrids, composed of PFC-free chemicals conforming with the Greenpeace campaign Detox and the ZDHC programme, to provide new hope for sustainability in the market for durable water repelling textile coatings (DWRs).

The big advantage of hybrid technologies lies in their ability to combine positive features by eliminating the disadvantages as far as possible.

The Intelligent Hybrids products are said to show an outstanding resistance to washing cycles and to chemical cleaning. In addition, the combination of different base technologies allows special features such as LAD (laundry-air-dry), the company reports. “Nature itself provided us with the idea of developing hybrids from silicon dioxide nano-technology, paraffins, waxes, resins and silicones: as in evolution, genetic diversity leads to superior ways of living” said Oliver Sonntag, CEO.

Besides water and dirt repellency, Intelligent Hybrids have further potential, according to the manufacturer – they are able to be used as a booster for oil and alcohol repellency to minimise fluorine usage.


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