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New sustainable, waterproof and breathable solution from INSQIN®


Under the INSQIN® brand, Covestro has developed a product that enables effective breathable and waterproof coating of textiles using waterborne technology. In a two layer system the new coating is applied using newly developed polyurethane dispersion products Impraperm® DL 5249 and Impraperm® DL 5310. Combined, they enhance the outdoor sportswear performance and provides enhanced functionality as well as comfort. Furthermore it also provides practical advantages like better sustainability and durability. INSQIN® solution, like other conventional solvent based technology does not use solvents which makes the production ecofriendly and easy to handle.

Versatile results
This new product can achieve waterproofing performance even in heavy rain as and after several repeated washes. They are soft and comfortable. Using the technology outdoor shoes can also be made because of its flexibility.

Also, the conversion from solvent borne technology or the production using laminated films to the new technology is easy and enhances the offerings for outdoor market.

Dr. Torsten Pohl, Global Head of Textile Coatings at Covestro said, “This new development gives manufacturers and consumers considerable benefits. Textile manufacturers can switch quickly and easily to a more sustainable solution that offers flexibility in design and functionality. Consumers can have a sustainable alternative with products that help to deal with extreme weather scenarios in breathable comfort.”


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