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New tool to help reduce water consumption

Water Consumption in Textile
Water Consumption in Textile

DNV GL and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) have launched a new tool to help the textiles industry manage water consumption in a more sustainable manner.

Water scarcity affects more than 40% of the global population, a number which is projected to rise. While about 2.5% of the world’s water is fresh water, only 0.5% of that amount is made available to satisfy society’s needs.

Water is also an important resource in manufacturing processes, including in the textiles sector. Reducing water consumption by establishing sustainable production processes can therefore be an advantage for companies, as well as the communities they operate in. This is widely reflected in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which aim, among other things, to ensure sustainable production by companies and water access for all by 2030.

DNV GL and UNIDO have jointly developed a self-assessment tool to assist textile companies in evaluating the water footprint in manufacturing processes. This will help them make more informed decisions about how to manage water consumption in their supply chains.


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