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Oritain maps Supima cotton origin, tackling fraud in the global cotton supply chain


Oritain has mapped all Supima cotton growing regions. Supima has addressed the problem of blending premium cotton with cheaper, head on by partnering with Oritain to protect the integrity of their high quality, extra-long staple cotton.

Using Oritain’s forensic technology, Supima licensees can test and authenticate the origin of their Supima products at any stage in the supply chain, revealing if it has been blended or substituted and ensuring the product’s provenance. By testing the intrinsic natural properties of the cotton, Oritain identifies a unique distinguishing fingerprint for each product verifying where it was grown. Unlike other traceability methods such as paper ledger systems, blockchain, RFID, barcodes, sprays, additives, or labels, this fingerprint cannot be forged or altered and is unique to the land the cotton was grown on. Without the ability to authenticate the underlying physical product throughout the supply chain no product claims can be effectively made. Oritain enables brands and retailers to speak knowingly and knowledgeably about the authenticity of their product.

Mr Rupert Hodges, Executive Director, Oritain said, “Consumers are increasingly looking for guarantees of where their clothes are produced and that they are ethically made. Oritain’s partnership with Supima will allow brands to confidently reassure customers that their Supima product is made with 100% SUPIMA® cotton.”


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