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RCO – Rieter Business Group Components Symposium, Multan Pakistan


Under the umbrella of RIETER Machine Works Ltd, the Business Group Components provides technology components and service facilities both for spinning mills and machinery manufacturers.

The 5 companies BRÄCKER, GRAF, NOVIBRA, SUESSEN and SSM joined their sales forces, to supply the most advanced technology components to the textile industry, forming the only global provider of components for all spinning technologies. The collection includes a comprehensive product range- from fiber to yarn. The technology parts from sliver preparation, spinning components for all spinning technologies, products for high-end and basic technology as well as global sales, service, engineering and manufacturing are also included.

The events were held on Monday, September 25, at Hotel PC, Karachi; Wednesday, September 27, at Hotel Ramada Multan; and on Friday, September 29, at Hotel Avari, Lahore. The officials from the companies will present a brief of their products and services; the session will be followed by an official dinner.

Presenters of the roadshow included; Mr Fritz Moser from Bräcker; Mr Georgios Katis from Graf; Mr Lukas Castulk from Novibra; Mr Ioannis Spiridopulos from Suessen; and Mr Silvano Rufo from Rieter Components.