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A revolutionary new handlook carpet quality, in reed 1500 dents/m with 5 million points/m²


After the introduction of the Handlook Carpet Innovator HCiX2 in reed 1000 d/m 6 years ago, Vandewiele came up with an even higher carpet quality in reed 1200 d/m. Today, the impossible is made possible: Van de Wiele introduces the HCiX2 in reed 1500 d/m, an astonishing high density carpet weaving machine producing handlook carpets with up to 5 million(!) points per square meter.

The three-rapier weave structure assures a flexible carpet with no warp yarns visible at the back side, just like hand knotted carpets. The Handlook Carpet Innovator HCiX2 is equipped with several servomotors to produce, at high efficiency, handlook carpets of superior quality.

The three rapier handlook weave structure
In order to weave carpets with a crystal sharp pile side and a back side with no warp yarns visible, Van de Wiele has developed a patented three rapier weave structure as shown in figure 1.

By using three rapiers, the production is 50% higher compared to similar qualities woven on a double rapier machine. The three rapier technique gives many other advantages. As only the working pile yarns are moving and the incorporated pile yarns are stationary, the machine has a higher weaving efficiency and the carpets have a cleaner back side. Moreover, a thicker pile yarn can be used. The incorporated pile yarn is perfectly straight, reducing the consumption of dead pile yarn. As all pile tufts go to the back side of the carpet, pile fixation is perfect. Thanks to the three rapiers, some colour switches can be made over the inside pick, eliminating automatically possible mix-contours and double points. When respecting some basic design rules and when using the We@velink Design Master, a perfect design on pile and back side is obtained.

The handlook quality in reed 1500 dents/m
When weaving a handlook quality in reed 1500 dents/m, with a density of 15 pile rows/cm, the result is a carpet with 4.500.000 (pile) points/m². If we slightly increase the pick density to 16,6 pile rows/cm, an astonishing 5.000.000 points/m² is reached. The most common used pile yarns are acrylic, but also yarns like polyester, bamboo,… are possible. The weight of the carpet is similar to handlook qualities in reed 1000 and 1200 d/m.

The Handlook Carpet Innovator HCiX2 machine
The Handlook Carpet Innovator HCiX2 machine is a three rapier weaving machine, especially developed for weaving handlook carpets. The machine is based on the Innovator generation with a strong and rigid frame, equipped with several servomotors for increased flexibility and productivity. Figure 3 (see below) shows the HCiX2 handlook carpet weaving machine in reed 1500 dents/m, with 8 colour frames on a width of 3m. This revolutionary handlook quality can also be woven on 4m width.

The Handlook Carpet Innovator HCiX2 is foreseen with a Smart Cutting Motion. This programmable servo driven cutting motion assures a better stability and less mechanical parts and wear.

The programmable servo driven Smart Edges are installed under the cumberboard for easy access and adjustment in


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