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R+F to launch ‘TURBO’ rings at ITMA Asia


 Reiners + Fürst to launch ‘TURBO’ rings for Compact & Siro-Compact spinning at ITMA Asia

  • TURBO rings offers benefits of low yarn hairiness
  • Increases production efficiency by up to 10%
  • Over 2.5 million units of TURBO sold since launch at ITMA 2015

Leading German spinning ring and ring traveller manufacturer Reiners + Fürst (R+F) will introduce its ‘TURBO’ rings, customized for use in Compact and Siro-Compact spinning machines at ITMA Asia in hall 1, stand B30. Alongside, R+F will also present ring travellers for worsted spinning and fibre glass twisting.

TURBO rings for Compact and Siro-Compact machines come with optimized geometry and improved surface characteristics offering the biggest benefit of low yarn hairiness and longer service life. The enhanced surface of the TURBO allows increasing machine efficiency by up to 10%, especially when producing yarns from sensitive fibres or at even high spindle speeds.

The TURBO was first introduced at ITMA 2015 in Milan and as-of-date, over 2.5 million units of TURBO rings are running in major and quality conscious spinning plants across the world.

For worsted spinning, the company is showing the J-traveller for ring heights of between 9.1 and 11.1 mm, with enhanced surface for better performance of the spinning process. Different shapes are available for top results in the whole range of worsted spinning.

For the processing of fibre glass, R+F is displaying the latest series of horizontal travellers for twisting of fine fibre glass filaments for ring heights of between 4.8 and 9.5 mm.

The full range of R+F ring travellers come with the professional service and support that R+F is renowned for and something customers appreciate, particularly in finding solutions of increasingly complex applications.

Managing Director at R+F, Mr Benjamin Reiners said, “The TURBO rings especially designed for Compact and Siro-Compact spinning, with benefits including low yarn hairiness, longer service life and increased machine efficiency by up to 10%, will be extremely beneficial for demanding Chinese spinners.”

“We have been in the Chinese market since more than 20 years and R+F products are well accepted by the textile industry. We feel assured that TURBO rings too will be accepted in the same way by Chinese spinners,” Mr Reiners added.



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