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Rockline releases 10th annual Sustainability Report


Rockline Industries has released its 10th annual Environmental Sustainability Report, highlighting major progress in energy consumption and waste reduction moving the company closer to achieving its environmental sustainability goals for 2020.

Rockline Industries, a leading manufacturer of coffee filters and consumer, medical and commercial wet wipes, made a long-term commitment ten years ago to using the most sustainable materials and business practices available. The 2018 report highlights a more than 5% reduction in GHG emissions and energy use per standard unit through manufacturing efficiencies and substantial gains toward reducing wastewater and solid waste of filters through continued efforts in waste reduction and expanded recycling programmes.

Mr Randy Rudolph, President of Rockline Industries said, “Over the last ten years, I have been continually inspired by the commitment of our associates to achieve and exceed our sustainability goals. Our progress in this area is due to their daily hard work to ensure that every area of our company is using best practices that help our environment and the world we all live in.”

Rockline’s sustainability approach is guided by three primary long-term aspirations: achieving fossil fuel independence through a shift toward clean, low-carbon energy, minimizing waste and its impact on the environment, and developing ecologically intelligent products that are sustainable.

Mr Dustin Davis, Corporate Sustainability Program Manager commented, “Looking ahead to 2020, we are focused on increasing landfill diversion rates, and developing programs that foster a circular model for product and packaging life cycles. We have also committed to sourcing pulp-based raw materials from sustainable sources in support of Rockline’s goal to achieve net zero deforestation.”


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