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Sanitized develops new Odoractiv 10 Dual-Action technology


Sanitized presents a new dimension to odour-management for functional polyester textiles, with its newly developed wash-resistant Sanitized Odoractiv 10 that has a dual-action effect: on the one hand, it prevents the bacteria from docking on the textile, and on the other, it adsorbs odours whilst the garment is being worn.

“Manufacturers of functional polyester textiles face the same challenge: freshly washed garments develop an unpleasant odour even after a short wearing period. The cause of this undesirable effect is not the human perspiration itself, but the bacteria that break down the perspiration,” the company explains. The new, dual-action technology from Sanitzed aims to address this problem. The surface of the textile is “coated” with Sanitized Odoractiv 10 in the padding process. This creates a protective film on the surface of the textile.


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