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Shopable fashion illustrations on Ebay


eBay, one of the leading virtual retailers has now planned to turn the New York fashion week into MyFashionWeek. This idea will now celebrate the incredible looks from the real people. Introducing its new “Shop the Look” image recognition technology with the art of fashion illustration, the e-commerce portal is presenting an entirely new destination to shop a unique fashion sketch.

eBay has presented the top most appreciated stylists to create a customized shopable fashion sketches on the website with dynamic “Shop the Look” technology, spotlighting trends and brands available now. Leading fashion illustrators including Jenny Walton, Dallas Shaw, Jessica Durrant, Alex Kim and Holly Nichols will capture the spirit of real, stylish individuals handpicked from eBay’s community of 171 million shoppers worldwide.

Fashion Illustrator Jenny Walton said that; “eBay lets people everywhere define their own approach to style, curating inspiring looks and attainable finds for everyone,” he further added that “My illustrations have always been inspired by unique street style, and #MyFashionWeek makes that very inspiration shoppable – letting me browse and buy brand-new and coveted vintage finds that suit my own unconventional look, in a never-before-done way.”

Later this fall, eBay has also planned to launch “Find it” and “Image Search” on eBay that will allow the shopper to use the pictures instead of words to find their perfect items from the catalog of eBay that consist of 1.1 billion items. With the Image Search option, one can take photos or can pick from your camera roll and place it in the search bar of eBay and it will automatically navigate you to the listing of where the relevant products are placed. While Find it on eBay is a feature that will allow the shopper to share images from any social platform or web browsers.