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Sindh outshines Punjab cotton production


According to the latest figures issued by Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA), cotton production up to Jan 1 stood at 10.273m bales — 7.52 per cent short crop compared to last season (2017-18) when production stood at 11.108m bales.

During the period under review, Sindh produced 4.111m bales or 2.42pc less crop over corresponding period of last year when production stood at 4.213m bales. Interestingly, Sindh still managed to produce more cotton as compared Punjab despite facing severe irrigation water shortage at the initial stage.

Cotton production in Punjab stood at 6.162m bales or 10.63pc less than last season when production stood at 6.895m bales.

It would be in the best interest of the country if the incumbent government chalks out a plan to increase cotton production or war footings and by increasing cultivation land for the cop and restricting other crops from replacing areas.

The new agriculture policy should ensure that sugarcane and wheat production should be brought down to the level to only to meet local consumption since surplus production of these two crops has to be exported by providing subsidies. Hence cotton production should be maximized and there should be exportable surplus since it never needed subsidy on exports.


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