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Sixth ITMA ASIA + CITME combined show focuses on taking the industry forward


The sixth ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 exhibition opens in Shanghai with industry players set to focus on technology’s impact on taking China’s textile industry forward into the future.

The combined show grosses 180,000 square metres of exhibition space and has attracted a total of 1,733 exhibitors from 28 countries and economies to showcase a wide array of latest technology solutions that will help textile makers to become more competitive.

Mr Fritz P. Mayer, president of CEMATEX, said: “Each ITMA ASIA + CITME edition features an interesting presentation of the latest technologies by European exhibitors. On show this year will be a wide range of solutions for automation and sustainable production, as well as those for the production of technical textiles and nonwoven materials.”

Mr Wang Shutian, president of China Textile Machinery Association (CTMA), added: “The combined show provides industry members with a useful platform to conduct business, and learn about exciting new trends. Hence, we are very pleased to have the participation of both large and emerging players as they are important for meaningful industry collaboration, dialogue and networking.”

Following the tradition of ITMA and ITMA ASIA exhibitions, only manufacturers of textile machinery and accessories are qualified to take part in the combined show, and exhibitors must display original equipment on their stand, creating added interest for visitors.

China fields the biggest number of participants, occupying over 68,000 square metres of net exhibit space. In terms of Asian participation, Japan is the next biggest group, taking up over 3,500 square metres of net space. China Taiwan occupies nearly 2,500 square metres net.

In terms of European participation, Germany takes the largest space at nearly 6,400 square metres. This is followed closely by Italy with more than 5,200 square metres, and Switzerland with over 2,600 square metres.

Said Mr Wang Shutian, president of China Textile Machinery Association (CTMA), “The strong demand for space attests to the effectiveness and popularity of the combined show. We had a long waiting list for space by the deadline for applications. Therefore, we made the decision to book the additional space available in the venue.”

By product categories, spinning is the largest sector, occupying 22 per cent of the total exhibit space. Finishing machinery forms the next biggest group at 20 per cent, followed by knitting (19 per cent) and weaving (17 per cent).


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