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Spider silk a Holy Grail to high tech textiles


Biotechnology sounds like small universe within us. It is among the subjects like “never-stop-to-amuse-one” with successful unusual findings. Due to continuous biotechnological advancements, laboratories like Polartec and Kraig Biocraft in their joint venture have been able to develop the fabric that they are going to commercialize soon as first spider silk fabric. Since 2016 both laboratories have been trying to impart characteristics of spider silk into yarn and their dream came true in 2019.  

Polactec expressed that “silk fabric developed particularly for military functions would be used as high performance textile”, the enhanced physical attributes combined with best handle and comfort properties due to recombinant spider silk are truly sensational for apparel.

Spider silk represents a “Holy grail” of material science, is protein fiber that is biodegradable and biocompatible with super mechanical properties, flexibility, light weight, extensibility, ductility, resiliency and high strength to weight ratio. It is comparable to synthetic aromatic polyamide fibers.


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