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T.M.Lewin and Lycra launch super fitted stretch shirt

Super Fitted Stretch Shirt
Super Fitted Stretch Shirt

British business wear brand T.M.Lewin, the brand behind the ubiquitous button-up dress shirt, has selected Lycra fibre to create its new line of Super Fitted Stretch Shirts for men – the first stretch shirt for the iconic brand – to add the comfort, fit and freedom of movement to a classic design.

Launching online at T.M.Lewin this week, the high-performance fabric in these shirts enables T.M.Lewin to offer its customers a contemporary, fashionable ultra-fitted cut, but still deliver full freedom of movement with a soft, high-quality feel, the company reports.

The entire range of tailored Super Fitted Stretch Shirts are made from a fine blend of cotton and 5% Lycra fibre. The shirt effortlessly follows of the wearer’s every movement, taking shirt comfort and performance to new levels, according to the retailer. Additionally, the fabric is said to show remarkable resilience, retaining the shirt’s shape and close fit at all times.


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