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Textile & leather articles sales: FBR starts receiving live transactions


Live transactions of finished article sales of leather and textiles are being received by the FBR and the eligible persons integrating or having already integrated their systems with the FBR can now avail of reduced rate of 6 per cent on their sales as announced by the federal government.

Effective from 1st July 2018, the federal government has notified a reduced rate of six pc for finished textile and leather articles for those registered persons who are online with FBR”s computerized system. This system was made operational by issuing SRO 1360(I)/2018, dated 12.11.2018. As many as 75 registered persons are now integrated with FBR and declaring sales of their 2574 outlets through this system.

As specified in rule 150ZEB of Sales Tax Rules 2006 the FBR’s system is now ready to receive live sales transactions. The software can be downloaded by eligible registered persons and can integrate all their already declared outlets with FBR”s system. This is to be done by 3rd March 2019, in order to regularize the reduced rate already availed. In case of failure differential amount shall be recoverable.

The persons volunteering to integrate their systems for availing reduced rate on future supplies and who fulfil conditions in rules can approach respective Commissioners for approval in this respect. Websites hosted with a registered domain name have also been recognized to be treated as sales made through Point of Sale (POS).



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