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Basalt – The textile raw material between glass and carbon: Thirty visionary companies and research institutions that have recognized the potential of basalt fiber and want to use economically, have joined forces in basalt fiber network.


Basalt fibers as a mineral resource with virtually unlimited volume and with an interesting characteristic spectrum for new textile product designs and applications particularly in the field of technical textiles were the focus basalt fiber network Dresden, the first basalt fiber conference. Nearly 120 conference participants from seven different countries were given in eight lectures interesting information on the production, processing and application of basalt fibers.


Basalt fibers are made from molten basalt rock, they plasticized at 1,460 ° C, and then spun. The fibers promise a large potential for applications in different industries such as textile industry, automobile industry, mechanical engineering, construction and environmental engineering.


Important fiber properties

For processing and application of important properties of basalt fibers are:

– High temperature resistance

– Good mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, flexural strength

– Good chemical resistance

– High UV stability, and corrosion resistance.


Whether as a woven fabric, knitted fabric, nonwoven fabric, scrim, tape, mat or cable, the following technical applications, their use offers significant advantages:

– As a filter in concrete factories or incinerators

– For slope stabilization in ski resorts, on motorways

– As a scrim in textile reinforced concrete

– For fire and heat protection applications in the construction industry

– For fiber reinforcements in composite materials

– As a non-woven fabric for insulation, insulation.


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