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The Sustainable Angle – Textile industry embraces greener materials


Pineapple leaves, wine pulp and fish scales among hundred others are now being used as innovative and sustainable elements used in production processes.

Ms Nina Marenzi, Swiss entrepreneur, in 2010 founded “The Sustainable Angle” with a mission to introduce innovative textiles usable in production which helps reduce the environmental impact. The raw materials include recycled polyester, biodegradable sequins as well as leather made from fish scales.

The platform “Sustainable Angle” connects customers with manufacturing mills which enables a significantly transparent supply chain and greater access to sustainable materials. She also works as a consultant to corporations, guiding on ways to improve their efficiency and to lower the environmental impact of production process.

In her 8th Future Fabrics Expo 2019, 170 exhibitors and more than 2500 visitors participated. She says, “When I first shopped the idea to the mainstream trade fairs, no one was interested. They thought sustainability was a trend that would pass. Now everyone is ‘sustainable’ and ‘eco-friendly’.”



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