Home News Top sporting performance with G+ heat dissipating jersey

Top sporting performance with G+ heat dissipating jersey

G+ Graphene Jersey

Directa Plus has announced Oakley in collaboration with Bioracer, has customized a clothing line for cycling teams and other sporting individuals. The clothing line is G+ Graphene Aero Jersey containing grapheme based products.

The new jersey dissipates heat from the riders body and enables them to focus more on the performance and less on the conditions around them. The G+ printed fabrics are bacteriostatic and electrostatic which contribute to moisture management and anti-odor effect and if worn inside out, it reduces the friction with air and water to facilitate best sporting performance. Also, Directa Plus production is chemical free hence the products produced are non-toxic ad non-cytotoxic certified.

Mr Giulio Cesareo, CEO of Directa Plus said, “We are honoured that Oakley and Bioracer have launched the G+ Aero Jersey incorporating our Graphene Plus, which follows extensive lab and road testing. It is a significant endorsement of the strengths of our offer and, in particular, the thermal regulation abilities of our G+ planar thermal circuit”.


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