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USTER® STATISTICS 2018 out and available via app stores


Fiber purchasing, yarn development and trading would be virtually unthinkable without USTER® STATISTICS. This year, the global language of textile quality enters a new dimension with USTER® STATISTICS 2018 available as a mobile application – simply called the STATISTICS app – for PCs and all mobile devices. New quality characteristics as well as extended yarn count ranges and novel yarn types will further thrill the users of the USTER® STATISTICS 2018.

For the first time, USTER® STATISTICS is now offered in an app format – meeting the increasingly mobile requirements of the industry and the world. For this new era, the knowledge base and data in the app are portable and quickly accessible any time, even if no internet connection is available.

The USTER® STATISTICS 2018 app is ready to download now – for free – from the usual app stores. The easy-to-use concept of the STATISTICS app offers useful search mechanisms with customizable settings. Favorites – individual filters – can be stored to recall frequently-used benchmarks. All information – charts, tables and interactive tables as well as processing data – can be sent or printed, enabling direct communication between business partners via the STATISTICS app. The app serves users in 11 different languages and the built-in FAQ offers immediate support – which is continuously extended by the addition of new answers.

An outstanding feature of USTER® STATISTICS 2018 is a virtually seamless blended yarn range. Users can enter their chosen blend ratio in 1% steps. A graph relating to the input value is then selected in the background. This fulfills requests by many users for more blended yarn options in USTER® STATISTICS.

The fact that USTER has been measuring and analyzing quality data for fibers, slivers and yarns for six decades allows unique analysis. For example: yarn evenness for cotton ring yarns has remained stable since 1997 and no further significant improvements have been made in this sector – including well-established ring spinning machines, which lately don’t feature innovative changes.

The basic steps for the future are now in place, providing the established benchmarking data in a mobile app and cloud-based. This is the foundation for introducing new data and features to USTER® STATISTICS faster than ever before.

At the USTER laboratories in China and Switzerland, thousands of fibers and yarns have been tested tirelessly and the data processed for USTER® STATISTICS 2018. These lab teams will continue their efforts, ensuring that USTER® STATISTICS remain the essential benchmarks for comparing key quality characteristics along the entire value chain, from raw fiber through sliver and roving to the final yarn and beyond. The commitment into the future is to offer yarn producers, weavers, knitters, yarn traders and retailers the essential framework to specify and obtain the quality they need. Even more importantly, due to the globalization of textile trade, USTER® STATISTICS enables all users to speak ‘the global language of quality’ – needing no translation and easily understood by everyone.


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