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Wind Energy meets Composites


This year’s COMPOSITES EUROPE will provide quick and targeted access to the latest developments, particularly for manufacturers and operators of wind power plants. Heeding the motto “Wind Energy Meets Composites”, guided tours of the show floor, organised in cooperation with OMWINDENERGY, will take place at 10:30 am and 1:00 pm on 8 October. The 90-minute tours will present opportunities for background discussions with associations and corporations along with insights into the manufacturing process. A noontime networking reception at the Composites VIP Lounge will provide a venue for talks and an exchange of experiences among industry participants.


The exhibition tour will make stops at these locations, among others:

•    Dow: new line of adhesives for resilient wind turbine blades

•    3A Composites: PET foam core material with optimised formability

•    Zoltek: production-ready CFRP materials as structural components

•    3B Fibreglass: new composites for wind turbine blades

•    Saertex: two-dimensional automated layup of NCF layers


„Wind power is faced with steadily increasing cost pressure, which requires the use of improved materials and automated manufacturing processes”, says “Mr Wind Energy” Hanno Fecke, who supports COMPOSITES EUROPE in his role as “Wind Energy Ambassador”. “The products and services on display at COMPOSITES EUROPE are the tools that will enable the technological and economic advancement shaping the wind energy of the future”, says Hanno Fecke with conviction.



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