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Zimmer Austria showcases latest technological advancements

Zimmer Austria all set to display
Zimmer Austria all set to display

Zimmer Austria is ready to display digital printing system at SGIA forum. Zimmer Austria, a leading machine manufacturer for digital printing, coating, steaming, drying, and functionalisation, and a broad range of sample, lab and washing machines, presented the Colaris digital printing system for VAT and pigment inks at the AATCC/SGIA digital textile printing conference in Durham, NC, which was held on November 28, 2017. 

Colaris is a high performance printer used for special applications. The 96 FUJIFILM Dimatix StarFire SG1024-SA/MA/LA printheads provide highest performance and reliability. The starting version has 4 colours and 2 heads per colour, and may be scaled up to 12 colours and 96 heads. The suitable inks used in the printer include open ink system like VAT, pigment, reactive, acid, disperse; cationic in development. 

VAT dye is printed in form of a pigment. During the padding and steaming process, the pigments are transferred into a liquid form and enter the cellulose fibre. During the oxidising step, the VAT dye is transferred back into its insoluble form. It is used in various applications like uniforms and workwear, camouflage, home textiles, and technical textiles. The Dimatix StarFire SG1024 printhead is the perfect choice for pigment. With the Colaris printing system, an outstanding pigment print can be achieved, as well as pre- and after treatment. The system is starting with 6 colours and 2 print heads, and goes up to 8 colours and 4 print heads. It comes in 2.2 metre or 3.4 metre widths.


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