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An Interview with Mr Alex Zucchi, Managing Director Ferraro Spa. Italy


Established in 1951, Ferraro Spa with more than 60 years of experience is the ideal partner for all those companies looking for excellence and quality in the finishing of knitted and woven fabrics. The efforts committed in the research for new technologies and the continuous follow up dedicated to our valuable Customers, lead Ferraro Spa to be the first choice in finishing all over the world.

TEXtalks interviewed Mr Alex Zucchi, Managing Director- Ferraro Spa Italy at Igatex 2018, Lahore Pakistan.

TEXtalks: Can you please give an introduction of Ferraro?
Mr Alex Zucchi: Ferraro is a 70 years old company. It is based in Milan. We deal with companies looking for excellence and quality in the finishing of knitted and woven fabrics.

TEXtalks: Which products Ferraro is mainly dealing with?
Mr Alex Zucchi: The main business of Ferraro is finishing of knitted and woven fabrics. Ferraro is very famous globally for its comptex machine as well as OCS which is the most flexible and quality solution for customer’s requirements in the shrinkage of knitted and woven fabrics. The unit is able to manage any kind of fabric, from the most light and delicate viscose to the heaviest denim.

TEXtalks: What are the main products of Ferraro for Pakistani market?
Mr Alex Zucchi:
Ferraro has been very active in the Pakistani market following all its trends and by being close to the customer. Until now our major business in Pakistan is compacting of the knitted fabric but there is a huge competition. Despite the competition it is still very important in the Pakistani market. Over the last 3 years we also expanded in the OCS business so a window of opportunity is still available.

TEXtalks: How does Ferraro see sustainability?
Mr Alex Zucchi:
Ferraro is very much focused on sustainability because Italy is the first country in the world to introduce green label. Sustainability is something that globally everyone should consider. We still need to take steps to promote, improve and implement sustainability. In the last 5 years high energy consumption has been drastically reduced as well as decreased pollution.

TEXtalks: What does industry 4.0 mean to Ferraro?
Mr Alex Zucchi:
Industry 4.0 being the smart technology is advancing over the period of time. Ferraro has been focusing on industry 4.0 since a long time now, particularly me being the president of ACIMIT. I have been working strongly on the development of industry 4.0. Ferraro has invested a lot in the research, development and implementation of industry 4.0 and from the beginning of next year most of Ferraro machinery will link through the cloud directly to the factory. This will facilitate the customer by providing preventative maintenance, which means that we will be able to advise our customer directly from Italy before any damage occurs to their machine. Hence, Industry 4.0 is very important.

TEXtalks: Any upcoming innovative products from Ferraro?
Mr Alex Zucchi:
Ferraro is approaching the next ITMA in Barcelona next year and we will show innovative technology that will be very interesting very soon.

TEXtalks: How has the response from the visitors been so far at the exhibition?
Mr Alex Zucchi:
The response so far has been very positive. First day was not very active but the rest of the days clients have visited us, had interactive discussions, built good corporate relationships and was very impressed by our machinery.

TEXtalks: How do you see Pakistani market for Ferraro products?
Mr Alex Zucchi:
Ferraro believes in the Pakistani market and the opportunity it presents. I have been working with Pakistan for more than 30 years now and I can confidently say that Pakistan has a huge market potential. Also, with the cooperation from the Pakistani government and the textile industry I am fairly positive about the future of Pakistan.


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