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Mahlo to Showcase Textile Solutions at Igatex Trade Show

Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG, a global provider of textile measurement and control technology, is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming Igatex Trade Show, scheduled from 1 to 5 May in Lahore, Pakistan. Mahlo, known for its innovative solutions in the textile industry, will present its latest advancements aimed at improving quality, efficiency, and sustainability in textile manufacturing.

Pakistan ranks among the world’s top textile-producing nations, making the Igatex Trade Show a significant platform for industry players to convene, share insights, and explore technologies. Mahlo brings decades of experience and a diverse portfolio of solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of the Pakistani textile sector.

“The visitors can discover our various weft straightening solutions, suitable for different kind of textile applications”, says Clemens Kaplan, Product Manager Textile at Mahlo. He is on site together with the trusted service partners of Mahlo Pakistan and Al Ameen Trading Corporation. But of course, distortion correction is not the only pillar for an efficient production. “A process control systems tailored to the needs of the customer helps to regulate parameters such as dwell time, exhaust air or temperature. With its commitment to sustainability, Mahlo offers eco-friendly solutions aligned with the industry’s growing emphasis on green production. From energy-efficient equipment to resource-saving process optimization tools, Mahlo supports sustainable manufacturing practices.

Visit Mahlo at Igatex:
Join Mahlo at the Igatex Trade Show, booth no F-36, hall 2 to explore the latest advancements shaping textile manufacturing. Discover how Mahlo’s solutions can empower your business to achieve efficiency, quality, and sustainability in today’s textile landscape.

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