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Santoni introduces new Mecmor machine for footwear


The world-renowned Santoni Mecmor open panel circular knitting machine, recognized as the most ‘complete knitwear machine in circular motion’, has now been redesigned to meet the latest challenge of the footwear market.

“A new take-down group has been fitted to cut the lateral selvedges and to roll up the knitted fabric for the subsequent footwear process finishing phase. In fact, this fabric roll is already ready for the next treatment process of the uppers,” says Santoni Marketing Manager Patrick Silva.

“In this way, the machine, provided with a large number of feeds, enables knitted uppers to be produced in a high-quality way with maximum performance.”

One single machine produces all sizes of fabric, with limited and controlled waste, thanks to the variable width of the fabric panels that allows the possibility of only setting the actual number of working needles to make the required size of product.


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