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Saurer: Introducing the intelligent embroidery solution


At Saurer, we celebrate a special anniversary: 2019 marks 150 years since we manufactured our first embroidery machine. Using our wealth of experience, today we incorporate the latest in smart digital technology into our machines, ensuring that our Epoca 7 produces premium quality shuttle embroidery with extreme efficiency and speed. Clients can customise their embroidery machines to suit their particular needs − where designs are concerned, the only limit is the imagination.

Mill management made easy
Saurer’s mill management system Senses is in the final stages of testing for our embroidery customers. This innovative technology will come to market in 2020.

Joby Mangalath, Head of Product Management Embroidery, explains: “Plant owners or managers cannot be onsite 24/7, but with Senses they will be able to check what is happening in their facilities at any time from any location with an internet connection. Senses can easily be accessed from hand-held devices.”

Using this system, customers will gain a detailed oversight of their production facilities. Among other things, they will be able to analyse the performance of individual machines. For example, if one is slower in completing a design than the others, customers can analyse the output and optimise the machine setup to increase the productivity.

“With Senses, our customers will be able to determine exactly when orders will be completed, which is vital in order management” says Joby Mangalath.

Users will also have the option of managing their workforce through the system. Plant managers will be able to assign employees to a specific unit.

They can also determine whether there is a link between a certain machine’s productivity to a shift or to a level of an operator.

Bring your creations to life with Epoca 7
This machine sets new standards in terms of productivity, with an increase of up to 25% compared to its predecessor with a speed of up to 700 rpm.

The Epoca 7 also uses less energy than its forerunner, with power consumption 5% lower – even when it runs 18% faster. In terms of savings, this gives customers the edge to total cost of ownership.

Automation solutions
These intelligent technologies reduce machine downtime, resulting in higher productivity. They also ensure that customers’ employees can be deployed where they are needed most. Together, our automatic thread monitor, rear carriage adjustment and overhead cleaner reduce machine setting time, yarn breaks and wear and tear of moving parts.

Automatic rear carriage

Automatic rear carriage
The automatic rear carriage increases productivity and embroidery quality through optimised settings.

– Fully automated and synchronised rear carriage movement based on yarn type
– Drastic reduction in yarn breaks
-Integrated into EmStudio software: during the punching process, the rear carriage width can be saved in the design
– Settings are integrated into  the human-machine interface (HMI), substantially reducing setup time
– Handling failure is minimized
– High repeatability of same quality


SmartMon – electronic thread monitor
This new monitor reliably detects thread breaks on both needle and shuttle sides, stopping the machine almost immediately when this happens. This lowers mending costs by up to 70%.

The new multi-colour display allows operators to recognise errors instantly and to eliminate them fast. Colour-coded LED lights, indicating whether the back or front thread is affected, or whether the thread is slack, simplify the threading process. This low-maintenance thread monitor is perfectly integrated into the flat path and processes all yarns with ease.

HeadLine – enhanced application device
This system offers three different attachments to suit our customers’ requirements. Using this selection of attachments, clients have the ability to make any design a reality by applying cords, ribbons and sequins as well as by laser-cutting patterns into virtually any fabric.

Each head has its own drive, which is individually positioned, controlled and monitored. The intelligent and motorised drive guarantees synchronous motion and consistent embroidery quality.

HeadLine system

Cutting edge – new patterns emerge
The LaserHead promotes creativity through three-dimensional cutting. The cutting of various fabric layers generates new design and combination possibilities: light and airy with glamorous or voluminous with dramatic colours. Customers can also use the laser to make line engravings in the fabric surface.

All that glitters
With the SequinsHead, customers can attach sequins of various sizes and colours in the same design.

The LaserHead

The individually driven sequin heads guarantee consistent precision across the entire machine length. The separation edge, which is adjustable on each embroidery position, and the precise guidance of the sequin band, ensure that the sequins are accurately positioned.

Common sequin sizes (3, 4, 5 and 7 mm) can be combined at liberty or even applied in doubles. Sequins can be applied to form scale textures or tilted using a variety of colours on different sequin heads: the range of artistic combinations is virtually endless.

The SequinsHead

Ribbons, cords, wires and cables
Using the SoutacheHead, customers can create unique designs with cords or ribbons. Ribbons can be rolled, which creates a 3D effect. For the manufacture of state-of-the-art technical textiles, this technology can handle carbon ribbons, heating wires and cables effortlessly.

An elaborate algorithm, based on the embroidery program, calculates the delivery and retraction of the soutache cord, as well as the optimum rotation of the soutache wheel. This means that the soutache cord is perfectly over-stitched and fastened to the fabric, even in extreme positions.

The SoutacheHead

This independently operating device continually removes dust and fluff between the thread delivery and needle, moving back and forth along the length of the machine. Its unique head produces a powerful suction force while ensuring that there is no air turbulence. A dust-free environment results in increased productivity, decreased total cost of ownership and optimises the embroidery production process.

– Reduces needle breakages by keeping embroidery tools and protruding thread path clean
– Reduces erroneous detections of the thread monitors by keeping them clean
– Saves time on the weekly cleaning process
– Minimises downtime
Increases efficiency of the machine


This modernised CAD/CAM platform incorporates all design workflow from sketch to production on a single system.

This tool provides the full solution from embroidery drawing, punching, visualisation of the design, product optimisation and productivity analysis to archiving the design with recipe information and machine settings. The intelligent stitch editor iSed optimises the quality of the stiches.



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