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6% increase in readymade garments’ exports

Readymade Garment Exports
Increase in Ready-made Garment Exports

The country’s export of ready-made textile raised by six percent to $2.316 billion last fiscal year, official figures say. The increase in the garments export stands at $58.269 million last fiscal year compared to their export of $2.195 billion in the fiscal year 2016, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics shows. Export volume of readymade garments went up by 6.13 percent or 2.010 million dozens to 34.785 million dozens last fiscal year from 32.775 million dozens in the fiscal year 2016.

In June 2017, export of ready-made textile shot up by 20 percent or $39.918 million to $242.951 million from $203.033 in June 2016. In terms of quantity, readymade garments export surged by 16.45% or 525,000 dozens to 3.715 million dozens in June 2017 from 3.190 million dozens in June 2016.- ends.

Source: PBS


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