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An Interview with Mr Mujeeb Ullah Khan – iTextiles (Pvt.) Ltd., Pakistan


Mr Mujeeb Ullah Khan, CEO iTextiles, talking to TEXtalks told that the company was established by professionals who were working for Invista. “I” in iTextiles stands for innovation and intelligence. Over the years, iTextiles has completed the portfolio based on four key concepts which include protection, durability, comfort and sustainability. iTextiles was never mainly a trading company, we develop a concept which later on we convert into a finished product and then supply the globally available raw material for it. iTextiles continues to seek innovation and growth. 

iTextiles® is a multi-disciplinary textile solutions company that helps businesses create, manage, and fulfill demand for a wide range of textiles and fibers. They are involved with industries at every step of the value chain. From finding the right fiber or Chemical solution to creating a demand for their finished products, the organization takes care of it all.

Starting off as a trading concern in 2006, the company has rapidly transformed to become a pivotal value chain manager in the region, representing some of the biggest international companies including INVISTA™, Kaneka, LUREX®, The Dow Chemicals, DSM and  more.

Today, iTextiles® is fully capable and committed to create increasing value for partners in all aspects of the supply chain, working alongside both manufacturing business and retail partners to provide integrated solutions in market generation, sourcing, branding, and sales.



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