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Bräcker to present a variety of products at ITMA Asia 2018 in Shanghai

ORBIT System

Bräcker, a Swiss based leading manufacturer of ring spinning machine components will be exhibiting its products and latest innovations at ITMA Asia. Besides increased productivity by Bräcker’s products at an efficient price performance ratio, ring spinning demonstrations generating additional customer value will also be presented by the company.

ONYX Traveler

Higher efficiency is facilitated by the ONYX traveler’s surface treatment along with improvised gliding characteristic which allowed increased spindle speed up to +1000 rpm, prolonging the traveler’s life by up to +50pc. Moreover, the running in period is also reduced.

The huge contact surface between ORBIT ring and SFB traveler allows increased spindle speeds even with fibers such as viscose or other fibers that tend to thermal damage like polyester. Travel speeds as high as 10 – 20pc are achievable as compared to C-shaped traveler system or T-flange ring. The SFB traveler portfolio has been expanded considering traveler profile including weight.

BERKOL multigrinder

BERKOL® multigrinder MGL and MGLQ
The long cots and top rollers entire range used in spinning mills can now be processed on one machine. Any execution of center guided top roller is ground fully automatically on the BERKOL® multigrinder. For medium and small sized spinning mills, the multigrinder MGL/MGLQ is a very efficient and flexible grinding machine with about 50,000 spindles. The multigrinder’s efficient operations are carried out through optimal ergonomics and the operating is done from the front side of the machine.


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