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Demsan & Zakaria Trading – A name of trust for Pakistani textile industry

Farooq Zakaria and Tuncay DEMİRCİ at GTex Lahore
Farooq Zakaria and Tuncay DEMİRCİ at GTex Lahore

Demsan- A leading manufacturer of textile machinery is operational in Turkey since 1978. The company started manufacturing precision plaiting machine and now have the reach to the level of manufacturing about 11 different kinds of machines.

Demsan cares customer requirements and makes sure that its product quality remains consistently high. The product quality is thus the core of services provided to the customer, every time. With a strong research and development department, the company is continuously working for further up gradation of the offered machines quality. Demsan, is been long associated with home textiles for many generations. Keeping the tradition of always serving its customers the excellence in service, quality and consistency Demsan today is one of the horizontally integrated companies in the industry.

With years of experience and expertise the company, now proudly owns several hundreds of satisfied customer that are running their machines in Turkey as well as in other parts of the world. With continuous production line from wrapping to weaving, dyeing, confectioning and packing, the company happily serve their customers worldwide whether under both the brands. The diverse range of customers, owned by Demsan are known very well for their products and order will be handled carefully as good as it was 35 years ago and they can expect their products at best quality and on time, as always.

For last few years, the company has focused on Asian market along with the Middle East and European countries and have got an excellent response. Pakistan is considered as one of the major markets by the company experts. The company had earned a lot of success in Pakistan with a comparatively shorter time period. Zakaria Trading International is said to be the top most appreciated agent of Demsan, in Pakistan.

Up till now, 54  Demsan machines have been sold to important companies like  Indigo textile, Soorty Enterprises, Rajby Textile, Siddique Sons, Rizwan Enterprises, Union Fabrics, Bhanero Group ( Faisal Weaving), Sapphire etc. The main products of the company include; packing machines, special machines, spreading machines, wet Rope Opening machines, Batching Machines, plaiting Machines, rolling Machine, beam Winding Machines, Precision Plaiting Machines, Lead Band Sewing Machines, and Folding&Rolling Machines etc.


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