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Graf presenting its wide portfolio of solutions at ITMA ASIA 2018


At ITMA Asia 2018, Graf + Cie AG will present its wide range of solutions portfolio for fiber preparation and spinning process. Graf, a Swiss based company in Rapperswill, is a global supplier of clothing roller cards, flat cards and combing machine combs. Graf is a complete system provider that offers products as well as technical advice from service to service equipment. This package of service and products delivers maximum value addition to the customers. It also provides customized solutions for according to the customers application needs.

Graf’s goal is to strengthen customer’s position in their markets by using Graf’s value addition products.

Ri-Q-Comb flex, the innovative circular comb series with adjustable height for up to 20% lower imperfections.

The new top combs FIXPRO C35 and C40 will be presented for the first time at an international trade fair. With 35 or 40 teeth respectively, nep values can be improved by up to 30%.

The EasyTop System of flat clothings stands for optimal settings of the carding gap and reduces the loss in good fiber. In addition, the handling of flat clothing replacement is much easier and can be done without special equipment.

The reputable product line of flexible flat clothings, well-known by the brand names resist-O-top or InLine-X-Top, stand for better quality in combination with higher lifetime compared to competitor-products in the short to medium staple range.

Besides the applications on display, Graf provides a wide range of solutions in the carding-, combing- and nonwoven-processes.


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