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Research and development center to launch in Russia


Plans have been announced by the Russian government for establishing new federal center that will focus on conducting research and development operations in innovative textile materials. The new facility will be established on the basis of Russian Innovation Research and Production Centre for Textile and Light Industry.

RIRPCTI will specialize in the development of new test methods and quality standards for nonwoven production as well as technical textiles. New types of textile materials will be tested including smart textiles and fabrics that can recognize as well as adapt to environmental changes, changes color, water resistant, medical fabric, anti-bacterial and several other properties.

Some of the institute’s developments include Technoavia, one of Russia’s leading producers of specialist clothing, which has recently launched the production of water-repellent clothing from an innovative three-layer softShell material. According to the company, the first layer of fleece absorbs moisture and retains heat; the second membrane layer removes moisture from the outside, while the upper layer of polyester with spandex provides stretch ability.

It is the belief of Russian government that the new establishment will provide a rapid impetus for the development of the entire Russian innovative textile materials industry.


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