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Cost effective high speed innovative embroidery stitching units by ZSK


ZSK, of Krefeld, Germany, at Techtextil North America exhibition in Atlanta, displayed its embroidery tech for adding heating elements and tailored sensors to fabrics as well as a machine for fixing of reinforcements materials and free orientation placing.

It can be used in applications which require the stitching of variable geometry play stacks for the production of components or textile structures or where composite reinforcement fabrics must be reinforced locally.

The system is suitable for materials including glass, carbon, aramid fibers, wires etc. The single layered rovings during the process are fixed to the base material by stitching and the base material is moved by the pantograph, enabling it to lay rovings in any direction and quantity.

A major advantage of this is enabling to lay rovings according to the distribution of forces within a major structural component with 100 percent reproducibility facilitating low mass tolerance, high dimensional accuracy, automatic perform production and identically-matching rovings.

It is a cost effective process which is driven by high stitching speed and multiple working units on individual machines and the expensive loss of materials in comparison to other textile technologies is kept to a minimum.



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