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DyStar Collaborates with TEGEWA to meet the purpose-driven challenges

DyStar-TEGEWA to promote chemical sustainability

It is important to note that DyStar, a prominent specialized chemical brand carrying a tradition of more than a century in product development and innovation has resigned from Ecological and Toxicological Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers (ETAD). The brand is proud to become a member of TEGEWA since January this year.

DyStar has been a major sponsor and supporter of ETAD for many years, but it had to make decision in response to the new industrial challenges. The decision to join TEGEWA was made after carefully assessment of periodical reviews and business alignment sessions on current global business needs, market demands and customers’ requirements. The need was felt to work with an organization which can represent chemical industry and support the Textile Chemical Producers, the Brands and Retailers, among other stakeholders in the worldwide supply chain. Fanny Vermandel, Vice President, Global Marketing Coloration at DyStar stated, “At DyStar, we are customer-focused. We find TEGEWA a good fit and appreciate their diverse network. Most importantly, we are pleased to learn that TEGEWA works with many organizations such as IVTG and t+m, Brands and Retailers and other stakeholders in the worldwide supply chain.”

TEGEWA, being a sector association within the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI), is also actively involved in the work of VCI. It has also deeply engaged with DyStar and its partners of GCIRT on many meaningful discussions for the industry, such as communications with the ZDHC Organization.



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