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Indonesia adopting measures to control illegal textile imports

Following an outcry from the domestic textile and garment industry, the Indonesian government is employing measures to stop the illegal imports of textiles and apparel into the country.

The Indonesian Ministry of Industry will announce a regulation, under which eight products will be subjected to stricter supervision by border officials.

“These eight products will not only include textiles and clothing but also textile raw materials and toys, electronics, footwear, cosmetics, etc,” media reports stated.

An official in the Ministry of Industry said that they would take measures to control illegal imports to save the domestic industry and these measures would include raw materials to finished goods.

He acknowledged that the textile industry needs to import lots of raw materials, which will be allowed, but a close eye will be kept on illegal imports of textiles and garments.

The imported goods will be subjected to Import Approvals (PI) and Surveyor Reports (LS) by the customs at border controls.

The official acknowledged that if these illegal imports were continued to be allowed, then the domestic industry would lose its competitiveness.

The official added that these measures should not be considered as protection, but are being implemented to provide a level playing field for the domestic industry.

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