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Pakistan second biggest source for Chinese cotton yarn imports

Pakistan was the second most significant source for Chinese cotton yarn imports in 2023 and accounted for 17 percent of total imports vis-à-vis 13 percent share in 2022, and total imports touched 270,000 tons.

China imported cotton yarn from various countries totaling to 1.55 million tons in 2023, a massive hike of 41.9 percent against 1.09 million tons in 2022.

The monthly average import volume was around 129,600 tons, and the lowest import volume was reported in January at 55,200 tons, while the highest was 175,000 tons in September.

“Vietnam accounted for 43 percent of total cotton yarn imports in 2023, down from 56 percent share in 2022 and reached 667,300 tons,” Chinese customs data-informed.

India was a close third in total imports at 16 percent, and cotton yarn imports rose four times to 248,000 tons in 2023 versus 56,400 tons in 2022.

Cotton yarn imports from Uzbekistan touched around 130,000 tons, up 150 percent over 2022, and accounted for 8 percent of overall cotton year imports under review.

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