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Teijin Frontier’s New High- stretch SOLOTEX® ECO-Hybrid Fiber


The Teijin Group’s fibers and products converting company, announced today its new SOLOTEX® ECO-Hybrid high-stretch side-by-side (S/S) conjugated fiber an eco-friendly plant-derived polymer with a chemically recycled polyester polymer, each featuring different heat-shrinkage characteristics to enable the formation of coiled crimp yarn.

SOLOTEX® ECO-Hybrid represents a new line in Teijin Frontier’s polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) fiber SOLOTEX® family. SOLOTEX® ECO-Hybrid filament yarn and textile will be introduced as a featured product for 2020 autumn/winter fashion apparel, offering many possibilities for enhanced sportwear, uniforms and more. Annual sales of SOLOTEX® ECO-Hybrid are expected to grow from JPY 500 million in 2020 to JPY 1.5 billion in 2022 (filament yarn equivalent).

SOLOTEX® ECO-Hybrid crimp

Extra stretchability achieved with new technology for conjugating PTT polymer and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polymer made with chemically recycled raw material, which are then processed to create a crimp structure.

Filament Production
Crimp structure is equivalent to that of petroleum-derived raw materials. Dyeability achieved with optimized yarn-making conditions.

PTT polymer is partly made with plant-derived raw materials and PET polymer is made with chemical recycled raw materials such as used polyester fibers.

Versatile fineness
Wide range of fineness, from 33-330 decitex,* and filament yarn processing is possible.

Highly practical
Very stretchable and dyeable, equivalent to those of petroleum-derived materials, and soft texture.

In recent years, demands have been growing for materials offering functionality and comfort, such as stretchability and soft textures. Also, users are seeking eco-friendly fabrics made with recycled and plant-derived materials.

Teijin Frontier’s existing S/S conjugated fiber comprises a highly stretchable SOLOTEX® PTT-fiber polymer made with about 40% plant-based raw materials and PET made of recycled raw materials. The newest version, SOLOTEX® ECO-Hybrid, solves the problem of achieving a consistent crimp structure in an eco-friendly S/S conjugated fiber made with recycled PET.



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