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The Lenzing group in Turkey

The Lenzing group in Turkey

The Lenzing group is a leader in the production of botanic cellulose fibers and has now set up its first independent sales and marketing office in Istanbul.  The decision is made in the review of the greatest customer demands and to be actively present in the one of the most appreciated market. The sales and marketing department is said to be offering better customer services and the showroom will bring applications for LemzingTM fiber to the life of customers in Turkey.

Thomas Obendrauf, CFO of Lenzing AG, says;  “Our goal is to be available to our customers both quickly and directly,” he further added; “In our new corporate strategy sCore TEN, proximity to our customers is one of the most important elements for sales and marketing. With this in mind being directly available at the site is crucial. And so we are appointing a team of eleven employees in Istanbul.”  

The Team Turkey of the Lenzing group includes eleven employees who will focus on sales, business development and technical customer service. The latest innovations of the Lenzing group are to be displayed here. According to the Commercial Director Turkey & MEA and Chairman of Lenzing Elyaf A.S, Jürgen Eizinger; “Our office should be a meeting-place and among other things somewhere where the multi-faceted Lenzing™ fiber world can be presented.”

The Turkish textile and nonwovens market is particularly important for Lenzing. “We see Turkey as a growth market especially for speciality fibers since for the European Union it is THE country of import for textiles per se. The geographical proximity offers a logistical advantage“, Eizinger says.

The new store in Turkey will help the Lenzing Group to plan activities in a better way and execute them well, on site. It can also help to intensify the company contacts with domestic brands and retailers and as a result, will increase the brand awareness in Turkey.



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