Home News Stoll to launch new extra-wide bed flat knitting machine

Stoll to launch new extra-wide bed flat knitting machine

Stoll ADF 830-24 W

Flat knitting machine builder Stoll intends to  launch new extra wide bed flat knitting machine ADF technology at ITMA Asia + CITME exhibition 2018. Designated the ADF 830-24 W, suitable for large textile production, oversizes, long patterns, unusual cuts this model has a working width of 84 ins and is used for a variety of applications including technical and fashion textiles.

It equipped with the renowned Stoll-weave-in technology, allowing production of textiles with weave-like optics and properties. This translates into a range of advantages by directly affecting comfort, form and flexibility. Unlike regular knitwear weave-like textiles are more comfortable and stretchable depending on the type of knit. In addition, they can be performed in the machine and provided with 3D elements.

Based on the successful ADF technology, the ADF 830-24 W also offers advantages with its yarn carriers, which are independent of the carriage and allow a particularly high degree of flexibility. Each pair of carriers is mounted on a total of 12 tracks on the ADF 830-24 W and can be moved both horizontally and vertically, can be easily programmed and quickly equipped with yarn.

Also available is the EKC operating system, which, with its intuitive operating system, makes training and usage more straightforward.

“The ADF 830-24 W represents a user-friendly gain for textile production – from day one,” says Stoll.


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