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1.35mn Bales of cotton yield recorded for the month of September

Revival of cotton is indispensable to Pakistan’s economic growth

Due to rains and water influx from India, 1.35mn cotton bales have been produced in September in Punjab.

According to PCGA, a total of 375,813 bales have been received from Punjab and 979,897 bales from Sindh. Highest receipt was recorded from Sanghar (659,332 bales), followed by Mirpurkhas (98,454 bales) and Hyderabad (96,309 bales).

Mr Naseem Usman, Chairman Karachi Cotton Brokers Association said that rain have severely affected the Punjab cotton crop quality and no pest attack reports have been submitted. He added, “However, some crop was affected in the riverbed in the Punjab due to release of water in Sutlej River by India. Around 0.6 to 0.7 million bales are grown in the Punjab’s riverbed.” He further added that the private sector was expecting 12 million to 12.5 million bales during the current season.

The federal committee on agriculture fixed cotton production target at 15 million bales for the ongoing season even though last year’s output of 12 million bales was below the target of 14.37 million bales.

The Federal Committee on Agriculture hoped that sufficient water availability in reservoirs and fertilizer would lead to bumper crop this year. The committee fixed cotton production target from an area of 2.895 million hectares in summer 2019-20.

The food ministry in a press conference said, “For the year 2019-20, the water availability in canals head will remain 108.67MAF (million acres feet) as against last year which was 88.04 MAF”.



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