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A recap of 19th Guangzhou International Textile, Clothing, and Printing Industry Expo

On May 20th, a day filled with enthusiasm, the 2024 (19th) Guangzhou International Textile, Clothing and Printing Industry Expo (hereafter as “ITCPE”) celebrated its grand opening, injecting new vitality and passion into the industry.

Three Packed Halls
As a highly influential professional exhibition in the domestic textile and garment industry, the Guangzhou International Textile, Clothing, and Printing Industry Expo has been deeply rooted in the market for nearly two decades. After years of accumulation and development, it has now become a seasoned exhibition with “wide influence,” “high popularity,” and “excellent results” within the industry.

On the first day, the atmosphere on-site was exceptionally lively, setting new records in both the number of exhibitors and attendees. The exhibition brought together 600 renowned companies showcasing advanced automatic printing equipment, industrial-grade digital transfer printing and direct-to-garment printing equipment, personalized customization solutions, digital printing consumables, various types of apparel accessories, white ink heat transfer solutions, embroidery sewing equipment, and consumables. It comprehensively presented the textile and apprel industry’s new technologies, new equipment, new materials, and new concepts, offering visitors an unforgettable journey through the expo. The enthusiasm of exhibitors and visitors shone brightly, together composing a new chapter in the industry.

ITCPE, hosted by Hong Kong Allallinfo Group, reached record high visitors and exhibitiors attendances with 40,000 sqm exhibition space, 600 exhibitors including HOPETECH、Atexco(ZFT), EPSON、KORNIT DIGITAL(CICT), Brother、Sanyi、Yili Electronic、Yisheng、BoYin digital、XLF、Yindu、Po-try、Grando、ORIC、XC Electronic、Xinflying、QIYA、Chaolun、NTK (New King Time)、Refretonic、Jade、Kuyin、Juli、Youchuang、KONIN、Ziye、Sangong Digital、Fourstar、TaiYin、SPIKUIL、Aituke、BYDi、Taiduocai、Laili、Leader、Tankin&DTD、Xmay、Realid,SPRING、TEXCA、CHUNGKAO、KingJet、Xuanli、Saven、Laomofang、ANOKY、Aboluo、ZS Ink、UP UNITY PEAK、VIVID,SINSIM、YUEMEI、Promaker、ZSM、Dahao、Ricoma、Raynen、CBL、Qichuang、ZHIYU、YONTHIN、WONYO、DEYIXIN (SMN)、ZDEM、OLH、DESHUN、FDC Fabrics、SINSHOW、Fengbo、Weigong、Baoyue、Meirui、Shengquan、Taiji、AIRUIDE、Xiwei、Laiwanxin、Euro Well、ZOJE、Mingjiang、MEGASEW,Bihong、Cheng Helong、Jiayin、Duotian Digital、Ourley Intelligent、Xmay、Boyan、Tianli、Ningmeng、Ruida、GuanRun,Chuanghui、YHAI、K and K、Canton Chemical、Huibao、Basku、Longyan、SIPDA、Luxing、Daquan、LEEN、Zhaoyi,CLT、Kedo、SOUTHTEC、CAI YUN、Xinxiang、Yuansheng、kontis、Chenming、Bang Lian, JIangchuang、Hongzhong、Gaoshang、Tianli、Xingyan、Jinbao、PENGDA、Kaiyu、Best、Tianyu、Haswell、Oupeng、Rongshi Machinery、Kehan、Xintianli、SHANGYI、Miracle、Chengyi, KASU、Xinke、WEESON、XT、JHX、SUNIC Laser、Xin An (Star Laser)、UniversalShine Laser、HAORUI、DingFeng、FANWEN、NEWPOWER、JINYI, Xinghao、YEAHREFLECTIVE、RACESUPER、Shuoxiang、Fulei、Tianma、SHISHIXIAOGUANG、Jitang、Yangfan、MESDY、Xiuzhiyuan、Yuhong、Yinshen、Skyway、Junsi、Xiusheng、Yali、XINBIN、Jinwang Keji、Aohe、AOYU、SHENGFA、Ruijinling、DA QUAN、City Light、Caisheng、Xingxuan、Jinhui、Ruiyi、Yaxing、Changsheng、Jinyan、AFTER、Redlabel adhesive industry、Tuoya、Tiansheng (TIS)、ChuangYan、Lianxingtai、JUNYE、Baiyi、Shuangfeng、ChuangYan、Zhongwang,Naisida,Sanlong,Particle Optimization,BOLIN PAPERS、Xuyuanfeng 、Chinastars、Gaoxin、Haoyu、Yiwu Decoration、Xingzhiguang、YITUNA. They are renowned enterprises in textile printing, embroidery, fabrics and accessories with latest technologies and solutions.

Here, visitors can witness the efficiency and precision of printing and embroidery equipment, experience the boundless creative possibilities brought by digital printing technology and embroidery sewing techniques; they can also personally experience personalized customization solutions, integrating their own creativity and ideas into clothing design; moreover, they can see a variety of exquisite apparel accessories. The application of these new materials and technologies not only enriches the design elements of clothing but also enhances the quality and comfort of the garments.


Visiting Groups:
On the opening day of ITCPE, we also welcomed numerous domestic and international visiting groups/Delegates, including the Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association, Ho Chi Minh City Textile and Garment – Embroidery Association, Binh Duong Textile and Apparel Association, the Anyang Licheng Printing Industry Park, the Hubei Embroidery Enterprises Delegates, the Haicheng Printing Industry Association of Liaoning, the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, and the Zibo Traditional Industry Development Center, all of whom visited the event on-site!

The robust attendance of visiting groups and delegates stands as a testament to the value of our program. ITCPE remains committed to serving as a dynamic exchange platform, fostering communication and collaboration among industry professionals both locally and globally. We eagerly anticipate the increased participation of pertinent enterprises from around the world, propelling the advancement of the industry.

Multiple On-site Transaction were made
On the first day of the exhibition, multiple transactions were already made on-site. The emergence of these orders not only reflects the prosperity and dynamism of the textile and apparel industry but also demonstrates the brand influence and industry status of the ITCPE. It also proves the strength and competitiveness of the exhibitors and their products.

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