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An interview with Mr Murat ERZINLI Canlar Mechatronics at IGATEX


Canlar Mechatronics Inc. has been one of the world’s leading designers and builders of textile dyeing and finishing machines since 1997, with installations in more than 30 countries. Fabric Dyeing, Coil Dyeing, Fiber Dyeing, Levent Dyeing, Stenter, Equalizing and Free Drying, Fuller Cutting, Balloon Squeezing and similar textile machines constitute our main products. Canlar Mechatronics Inc. continuously develop its business partnership with the companies in the textile sector with the understanding of customer satisfaction oriented production and after sales service. Canlar Mechatronics Inc. machines are manufactured in accordance with the technical regulations of local authorities as well as individual customer requirements and operate successfully in various countries. Canlar is represented in Pakistan by Acmatex Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd.

Mr Murat, Sales Director Canlar Mechatronics Inc. talking to TEXtalks at IGATEX 2019 told, “We are a Turkish company producing mainly textile dyeing and finishing machinery. We have a total of 334 employees which includes 36 engineers. Our production capacity for fabric exhaust dyeing machine has now grown to 45 machines per month. The production capacity of yarn dyeing machines is 60 per month. We started our production lines in 1992 and now we are operating globally in textile dyeing machines.

According to Mr. Murat ERZINLI, Sales Director, CANLAR®, “We are delighted to announce three leading textile mills of Pakistan Al Abbas Fabrics, Lucky Textile Mills and JB Industries and Sadaqat Limited have finalized orders for TECHsmart® new generation dyeing machine by CANLAR®.”

Pakistan right now is one of Canlar’s main market. He said that since the last two years our business has been booming in this market. Before this time period, the market was dominated by other suppliers but with the invaluable help, support and cooperation of ACMATEX, in the last 2 years we have now developed a strong position in this market. We have not reached our target yet but we are planning to promote more as well as increase the sales in this market. We are sure that with the cooperation and support of ACMATEX we will move forward towards achieving our set target and more.

At IGATEX 2019, Canlar presented its Tech Smart version fabric exhaust dyeing machines which are the perfect solution for the textile market demands especially for minimized water and utility consumption. He said, “This machine is giving a good response to knitted, woven and terry towel which means that we have the solutions to all the requirements of this sector. First and foremost, Canlar’s business policy is to continuously improve technology and explore new markets. We pay keen attention to the textile demands of our customers and our Research & Development centre responds accordingly. We strongly invest in our R&D and it is now moving forward towards expansion. Right now, Calnar has the biggest robotic welding system in textile machinery in its production line. For our R&D, industry 4.0 is the main investment. So we are preparing our production line, investments and marketing team accordingly.”

Mr. Imtiaz Rehmani, Managing Director, Acmatex Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd. said, “CANLAR® is making its presence felt in the market. We feel that the Pakistani market holds a very bright future and the present incentives given by the Government will go a long way in achieving the export targets sent by the Government.”

Canlar supports an intensive research and development program that focuses on the optimization of existing products as well as the identification of innovative technologies. Canlar always follows the concept of sustainability. In addition to developing environmentally friendly products, the production processes of resources are also being used in a sustainable way. Canlar controls quality and safety criteria very tightly during each project phase. Mr Murat said, “Sustainability for Canlar is of great importance. It also carries with it a company’s reputation. Every day the benefit margin is getting hard in textile and the competition is tough throughout the textile industry. To survive in this market, it needs hard work for new developments and innovation which are beneficial to the end users.”



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