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An interview with Rossano Biancalani, President and CEO – BIANCALANI s.r.l., Italy


Since 1957, Biancalani manufacture and sell own-designed machines for special finishing of woven and knitted fabric. The products are designed with experience and built with passion. Know more about the success story of Biancalani machines from the President and CEO of BIANCALANI, Italy.

TEXtalks: Back in 1957 Biancalani was established, how was the journey to get, where Biancalani is today?
Rossano Biancalani: In 1957 my father had the very good idea to start a mechanical company specialized in textile machinery, specifically in textile finishing. He had very good relationship with the customers in the area of Prato Italy. It was a very important thing to make good contacts and he developed the small company that time, which is now Biancalani today.

In 1980 myself, my sister and my brother joined the company and we had developed a very good international net of agents. We have created the commercial net of the company and those are the basis of our good connections and relationship with all our customers around the world. In fact, where ever is textiles, we have agents and we are very well known.

In 1985, we have invented a very revolutionary machine the AIRO. The AIRO is a discontinuous rope washing, softening and drying machine which was created in the desire of people for softness and the reliability as something which in the future was impossible to live without, the softness of a fabric. This machine the AIRO, with all its evolution reached our days with the revolution of ARIO to AIRO24 and which is still very much used by our customers and all the finisher of the fabric around the world.

In the year 2006, we have developed another machine the AIRO24 which is a machine with the same principle of the AIRO; that is the fabric transported by an air-jet but in open width and continuous. And this is another revolution in finishing department of the world. Every important finisher knows these machines and we had sold a lot in all of the textile fields from apparels, to upholstery, synthetic leather manufacturing industry, home textile, protective fabrics and a lot of different sectors are using these machines – AIRO24.

In 2011, we have developed another machine which is very important: the BRIO. The BRIO is a machine to obtain maximum shrinkage possible with every knitted fabric. This is a machine which did not exist before in the field of knit fabric finishing. After the BRIO, we are now developing BRIO24, a continuous machine with same features obtaining the same results but in continuous – all this with very big satisfaction of the customers.

TEXtalks: What is the big Idea behind the concept “Quality, Reliability, Manageability and Sustainability”.

Rossano Biancalani: Biancalani always wants that the customer is happy and in this direction we do our job day by day. We want that the customer is happy. Everything is made consequently, the projects, the machinery, the delivery, customer services. We do whatever is possible to make the customer happy.

TEXtalks: How do you see the Biancalani changing over last five years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?
Rossano Biancalani: In the last 5 years, the AIRO24 gave us a very very big push to go on with our idea of customer service, customer satisfaction, customer happiness and we keep on going with this idea of developing new machines and all the ideas around our machines and our products are for customer satisfaction. This is our road and we want to go on this way. The directions are novelties, good quality and customer satisfaction.

TEXtalks: What does sustainability means to Biancalani?

Rossano Biancalani: We are involved in projects, we are involved in machines and we try to make them in an environment friendly way and the same is to run our machines in fact, most of our machines can satisfactory give results and good quality without affecting the environment.

TEXtalks: What are Biancalani’s main products and how important is Pakistan market for your products?
Rossano Biancalani: The projects that we have developed in the last years, has always been made with more perfection in the direction of keeping customer satisfaction. We always make new project and changes in our machines to make them more productive and to improve the quality of the fabrics and knitted goods. As regards Pakistani market, it is absolutely very important for us. We have very good cooperation with our customers as they understand and believe the better features and the qualities of our machines. Pakistan is definitely one of our most important markets.



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