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Artwell the cashmere specialist to verify its garments traceability from Haelixa

Hong Kong-based flat knitter Artwell, using the latest Shima Seiki machines to produce high-quality cashmere knitwear has engaged DNA specialist Haelixa to enhance the traceability of its garments from the farm to the finished product.

Shima Seiki is a Japanese company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of computerized knitting machines and related technologies. Shima Seiki’s machines are known for their innovation, precision, and reliability, and they are widely used in various textile and fashion applications.

Artwell bills itself as a vertical, traceable, and sustainable company that only sources cashmere from goat herders in Inner Mongolia. The partnership with Haelixa means that brands sourcing from Artwell can use the former’s DNA marking on their collections to authenticate its origin.

While visiting Inner Mongolia to see cashmere farms first-hand, Haelixa CEO Gediminas Mikutis said: “After witnessing the care and consideration given to each step in the manufacturing process of cashmere, we were inspired to contribute to transparency along the journey of this exceptional fiber.”

Haelixa’s physical traceability solution marks the cashmere fibers with a specific DNA for each farm before the dehairing of the goats. The wool is tested through cashmere processing to validate whether the marked fibers are present, ensuring that the finished garment can be traced to specific farm sets.

Haelixa supports Artwell’s QR-code-based lot management system, whereby each lot is tracked throughout its vertically integrated system. Traceability also addresses the issue of fraudulent or fake cashmere for which less scrupulous suppliers blend cashmere with lower-quality fibers.

By establishing a transparent supply chain, brands can verify the authenticity and ethical sourcing of the cashmere, said an Artwell spokesperson.

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