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Automation & digital future: Increased efficiency in textile manufacturing

An ITMAconnect exclusive, the upcoming webinar on Automation and Digital Future is the second of the five-part Innovator Xchange virtual edition.

ITMA, the world’s largest international textile and garment technology showcase, has launched a new series of webinars on its ITMAconnect online sourcing platform and knowledge hub. Called the Innovator Xchange Virtual Edition, the series features five webinars to be held between 25 January and 22 April 2024 – exclusively for ITMAconnect users.

Each webinar focuses on the latest industry developments, referencing the Innovator Xchange discussions held during ITMA 2023 in Milan. Industry experts will share their insights through panel discussions and engage with participants with questions and answers.

With increasing costs, managing efficiencies through technology is integral to a digitalized future for the textiles and apparel industry. Can efficiencies be increased using less water and energy or are there other methods? What measurement tools are there in the market? This webinar will cover innovative new technologies and assess the role of data in enhancing efficiency in textiles and garment manufacturing.

This conversation will unravel the key inefficiencies plaguing textile production and the historical barriers to their resolution. Discover the driving forces compelling manufacturers to overcome inefficiencies, from regulatory pressures to sustainability imperatives.

Engage with experts as they share insights on leveraging technology, the role of software in streamlining production, and the crucial data needed for optimizing the textile supply chain. Uncover the collaborative efforts required from technology providers, academics, governments, legislators, and textile companies to forge a more efficient and sustainable future.

Envision the sustainable factory of the future and explore the transformative potential of AI and robotics in optimizing production processes and minimizing waste. This webinar is your gateway to a future where innovation meets sustainability, and efficiency paves the way for a thriving textile industry.

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