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Avantex Paris: The future of fashion is here and now!


“I am delighted, as I am with every Avantex Paris show and the lectures, to see the excellent response by our visitors to this event. We always strive our best to shine a light on the most important topical issues, such as sustainable development or traceability, which increase end consumers’ expectations, and this season’s show was no exception. Once again it attests to the goal of this trade fair to bring research and industry together in one place so that the fashion industry can develop in the right direction. The future of fashion is here and now!” says Michael Scherpe, President of Messe Frankfurt France.

Avantex Paris assembled innovative players from fashion once more to provide active exploration of new services, technologies and materials that will go to form the structure for tomorrow’s clothes and shops. Where contractors, manufacturers and researchers from these 26 firms were concerned, Avantex again represented an opportunity to get to grips with the different strategies that are transforming the textile sector.

Eco-friendly components for fashion made up the key ranges at the show, with the success – well noted – of the exhibition Biofabrication in Fashion supported by Open BioFabrics. “As far as I was concerned, I wanted to get fast fashion to be open to using more environmentally friendly procedures but I also wanted to inspire cosmetic groups in R&D, and inform journalists, teachers and students at fashion schools about the progress made in biofabrication” explained Sabrina Maroc, founder of the collective.

Still in the context of an approach for positive development in fashion, visitors also signalled their support for the Fragments -Vêtements exhibition by designer Elisabeth Jayot, who collaborated with the firm of Zoe Romano to develop a collection of modular clothing, without bonded seams, that can be easily adapted to the individual and their body shape as it changes.

Like the adjacent trade fairs, Avantex Paris is a trade fair for innovative materials for fashion. This event is also a key attraction for countries such as South Korea, Taiwan and, of course, China, whose technical textiles and their properties delight sportswear labels. However it is clear that this is gradually changing and will eventually embrace high fashion!

“We are satisfied with our first attendance at Avantex Paris, the more so because we were able to organise an excellent catwalk show” explained Helen Chen, head of marketing for Chinastars Reflective Material (Hangzhou), a Chinese manufacturer of reflective and iridescent materials.

More unconventional, the astounding novelties from Long Xing Long Printing & Knitting Industry (Jinjiang) included a jacket that changed colour depending on the temperature or the handbag that changed the colour of photos.

This is how the trade fair brings the audience of professionals, who are searching for new perspectives and fresh initiatives, face-to-face with ideas and materials. It is the raison d’être for the Avantex agora, the epicentre for lively debates and discussions on the future of the textile industry, fashion markets and the changes in consumption.

Biotechnologies, Blockchain, immersive experiences, social impact, etc. A plethora of subjects were touched on by experts from all backgrounds in front of an audience of curious visitors. They answered the call to attend these forward-looking meetings, which are true reflections of the radical changes underway in the fashion and clothing industry. Messe Frankfurt can congratulate itself on being a pioneer in this field by organising these open discussions.

Avantex Fashion Pitch
Well-established in its role as a pioneer for spotting fresh talent in the textile and fashion industry in the broader sense, the 4th round of Avantex Fashion Pitch rewarded, from among eight finalists, the start-up business Smart Pixels for its augmented reality technology that enables an object to be projected and to make a “screen” with it. This technique is designed for customisable products and provides an instant preview of an ongoing customisation project for an object!



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