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Biodegradability of Amni Soul Eco polyamide produced by Fulgar certified

Fulgar, which produces a range of textured and covered yarns for the knitting and hosiery units, has revealed that its flagship Amni Soul Eco polyamide has been certified for its rapid degradation in marine environments without compromising on the product’s performance.

The most complex issue in marine pollution is the problem of microplastics. Companies are working to limit this issue by producing biodegradable materials like Fulgar’s Amni Soul Eco polyamide, which decompose more quickly when they arrive in the natural environment.

These minuscule fragments, measuring less than five millimeters, result from the degradation of the polymers in plastics. They are growing in seas, rivers, and land and impact marine fauna and biodiversity.

Fulgar launched its Amni Soul Eco, a biodegradable polyamide yarn, in 2014 in collaboration with the Rhodia-Solvay Group. This high-performance product remains the flagship in Fulgar’s eco-nylon product range.

The tests carried out on the yarn have confirmed the effectiveness of its make-up. Microplastics released when garments made using Amni Soul Eco are washed have been shown to decompose twenty times more quickly in the marine environment than microplastics from conventional synthetic yarns. Decomposition in the soil also takes place rapidly. The raw material has also been developed to be sustainable during production by recycling water and through unique greenhouse gas reduction treatments.

Its biodegradation performance has been accredited to ASTM D5511, the standard test determining the degree and rate of anaerobic biodegradation of plastic materials – and ASTM D6691. The yarn also conforms to Oeko-TEX STD 100 CLASS I Appendix 6 certification and guarantees data transparency for the yarn according to the life cycle assessment model to identify.

Fulgar claims Amni Soul Eco technology is designed to give fabrics long-lasting performance, and its biodegradable component has no negative impact on wear, quality, and comfort. The company guarantees polyamide’s high performance during the garment’s lifetime, providing lightness, exceptional breathability, excellent moisture management, resistance, and color yield.

Some high-profile brands that have selected Amni Soul Eco yarn for their collections include Herno, Colmar, and Save the Duck.

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