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Brazilian denim producer Vicunha improves the sustainability of its fabric

Brazilian denim producer Vicunha presented what it claimed as an expanded and evolved line-up of regenerative cotton denims at the Kingpins Show in Amsterdam in October.

Vicunha Textil is one of the largest denim producers in the world. Founded in 1967, the company has a long history in the textile industry. Vicunha is known for its high-quality denim fabrics and operates throughout the entire production chain, from the cultivation of cotton to the manufacturing of finished denim products.

Several of the fabrics presented at Kingpins show had initially been made exclusively for the European market, Vicunha explained, ranging from true denim to denim-coloured textiles. They are now also available for customers in Brazil and elsewhere in Latin America, it added. Three of the company’s factories in the north-east now possess Control Union-approved Regenagri certification.

Vicunha expects to produce 15 percent of its denim fabrics with regenerative-grown cotton within the next five years, representing a fivefold increase on current levels. The manufacturer’s Kingpins showcase included fabric collections Regen, Eco Now, Fit and Flex, Eco Natural and Y2K-inspired Timeless.

The company is known for its innovative approach to denim manufacturing. They invest in research and development to create new and unique denim fabrics, often incorporating sustainable practices into their production processes.

Like many modern textile companies, Vicunha has been focusing on sustainable practices. They have initiatives to reduce water usage, energy consumption, and waste in their production processes. This aligns with the global trend towards more eco-friendly and sustainable fashion.

The company is well-recognized in the fashion and textile industry and has won several awards and accolades for its products and sustainable practices.

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